Why Sexcams Have Risen as an Industry

The online sex cam industry did not become a multi million dollar industry overnight. Although sex and the internet were synonymous from the get-go, the early internet sex industry revolved around scanned images from Penthouse and Playboy. As the available bandwidth began to increase, the means of sharing and viewing sexual material over the internet became much more sophisticated.

Of course, it took the development of the webcam to make the sex cam industry possible in the first place. The very first webcam site featured a camera focused on a coffee pot. As people began to recognize the opportunities to interact with others over the internet, more and more webcam users started having virtual sex. In these early days, most people used webcams with those they knew, such as spouses or longtime girlfriends and boyfriends. When they did use webcams to engage in virtual sex as an affair, it was with somebody they’d already met in person.

Eventually, a few internet entrepreneurs discovered the money-making potential of sex cams and capitalized on the new technology. Internet sex quickly became a booming industry. The appeal of these sites was that users could have sex in the privacy of their own homes without worrying about STD’s and other complications.

We have a few theories on why the industry has taken off so rapidly in the last few years. Here they are:

Social Networks
Early sex cam sites usually required paid memberships, thus driving away many potential users. With the increasing popularity of various types of social networking, it was only a matter of time before somebody would figure out the gaping niche for cybersex websites on which free users could connect with other users in order to have virtual sex.

Social networking has had a profound impact on the internet sex world. With the creation of sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, a lot of people have come to feel far more comfortable interacting online than in person. This theory extends to the sex lives of millions of internet users. While they may receive criticism for their sexual desires in the real world, they can easily connect with other people who share those same desires online. The convenience factor of internet sex also means that people do not need to take the trouble of going out to the bar, buying drinks and trying to find somebody willing to engage in a one-night stand. Instead, users can simply log on to the cybersex website of choice and find somebody more than willing to have a virtual affair.

This theory extends to human interactions outside the realm of sex. While there are many people who remain comfortable interacting face-to-face with other people, others have grown increasingly accustomed to the ease and anonymity of online interactions. Somehow, the fear of rejection inherent in all human relationships is diminished while talking online. As such, it is much easier to talk about things that make you uncomfortable with somebody you’ll likely never meet in person. If this is true of simple conversations, it is understandable that it would apply to the complicated world of sexual interaction.

Reality Television
Reality TV became popular around the same time that sex cam sites experienced a huge explosion in visitors. Both industries were appealing to young women as they offered the average person the opportunity to become a big star. These women could experience what they perceived as the glamorous life of a porn star without ever having to let their friends or family members know. They would receive attention from adoring fans without attracting the negative attention that comes to workers in other types of sexual industries.

Not only did reality television affect sex cam workers, it had a profound impact on the people perusing sex cam sites. When watching reality television, viewers experience a greater connection with the stars than they would with traditional actors and actresses. This is because the viewers recognize the “average Joe” status of the reality stars and feel that it could just as well be them starring in the reality series. This applies to the sex cam industry, because those who use paid sex cam sites are more likely to perceive the person on the other end of the webcam as someone they can relate to, even if they are paying thousands of dollars to interact with sex cam workers. This is even more true of free sex cam sites, where a user can find others on the site just like him or herself. While there is a certain appeal in having access to the porn star type of sex worker, there are plenty of people who would rather engage in virtual sex with somebody they can relate to.

One unfortunate effect of reality television and sex cams is that both have distorted how viewers perceive reality. When the label of “reality” is given to something that is, to some extent, scripted, people may believe that what they see on television or on the computer screen is typical of the real world. This can impact the way people interact with others during real-world experiences. Some sex cam users end up compromising their sex lives because they begin to see “real” sex as inferior to virtual sex. The type of women they can have affairs with in person may not be as attractive or glamorous as those who are willing to have sex with them online. And the people they meet in the real world are more likely to look down on various fetishes that are completely acceptable on sex cam sites. Although sex cam users may turn to internet sex as a way of improving their sex lives, the ultimate result may be that their sexual satisfaction is greatly diminished.

This can also be true for sex cam workers. It is common for workers in other sex industries to end up dissatisfied in relationships and it is no different for those working for sex cam sites. Some of the people they are paid to have virtual sex with are not ideal customers. These paid users may sexually and emotionally demean the sex workers until their self-esteem is greatly damaged. As a result, nline sex workers may end up finding it difficult to connect on an intimate level with those they meet in real life.

Economic Recession
There are many ways in which the recession has impacted the sex cam industry. It has affected both paid sex cams sites and free cybersex websites. The impact on free cybersex sites is clear: those wishing to use paid virtual sex platforms are less able to pay for them than they were in the past. So, many choose to visit the free sites as an alternative. The increase in free cybersex sites since 2008 suggests that those negatively impacted by the economic recession chose to use free sites instead.

The recession also affected paid internet sex sites. Despite the number of people choosing to use the free sites, many others still elected to pay for online sexual services. This demand made it possible for thousands of sex workers to find employment on sex cam sites. Many of these workers had found work in exotic dancing and porn videos in the past, but they attracted to the sex cam industry by the promise of anonymity and a reasonable income. A lot of today’s sex cam workers are college students and recent grads who have struggled to find work in other sectors. Many college students came to work at sex cam sites because the scheduling was far more flexible than that of other jobs. They could work from the privacy of home without worrying about fellow students learning of the nature of their chosen profession. These students also enjoyed having the ability to make over $100, something that is not possible at your average minimum wage college job. Some ended up continuing as sex cam workers after they graduated, given the difficulty finding employment in the post-recession job market.