Impact On Relationships

Does Using a Sex Cam Constitute as Cheating?
The line between infidelity and curiosity is extremely thin. What one person may think of as cheating may strike another as very ordinary behavior. For example, some people feel that it is unacceptable for their partner to view pornographic images or videos, while others have no problem with it. Sex cams are more complicated than porn because they require active participation. Of course, phone sex also requires active participation but may be less likely to elicit complaints from spouses.

Using a sex cam does not necessarily have to be viewed as an act of infidelity. Many couples in committed relationships use sex cams when they are geographically separated. In these circumstances, a sex cam serves as an important tool for intimacy of a couple that might otherwise be completely cut off engaging in sexual activity together. The use of a sex cam is far more problematic when the user is having virtual sex with someone other than his or her significant other. Even this may be deemed okay in some situations, such as when multiple couples engage in group sex over the internet, or when a couple decides to use other virtual sex partners in order to spice up their own relationship.

A sex cam crosses into the realm of infidelity when a person uses it in a secretive manner and without the consent of his or her partner. If the person using the cybersex site wouldn’t dare continue the behavior with his or her partner in the same room, then the behavior counts as cheating.

If you are interested in having virtual sex but are worried how your spouse would react, it is very important for the two of you to discuss the issue together. Ask your partner what he or she thinks of cybersex and whether it counts as cheating. Offer to visit a sex cam website together to see what it is like. You may be surprised to learn that your partner has no problem with using sex cams, even when the virtual sex involves an outside partner. If your significant other disapproves of using sex cams, be sure to respectfully share your opinion before coming to a mutual decision on the matter. While this may mean that you have to give up using cybersex communities, it will ultimately strengthen the relationship or lead you to a person with a sexual outlook that better suits your own.

Is There Something Wrong With My Partner?
If you have recently discovered your significant other using a sex cam website, you may be concerned with the future of your relationship. While the use of a sex cam is regarded as taboo in some circles, other cultures regard as a perfectly healthy means of sexual expression. Whether you should be concerned about your partner’s sex cam behavior depends greatly on the way in which he or she uses it.

Many sex cam users equate their habit to viewing pornography. Many sex cam website visitors are content to watch other people having sex on live camera, an activity that is nearly identical to viewing pornographic videos. Actively participating in a sex cam experience requires another level of involvement, but does not necessarily mean that the participant has a serious problem. Some users find sex cams to be an effective tool for learning more about satisfying partners or acting out repressed sexual fantasies. When used in an educational sense, a sex cam can improve self-esteem, sexual confidence and overall sexual health.

A sex cam starts to cause problems in a relationship when it is used without the partner’s consent. If your partner is having virtual sex with other people and acting secretive about it, you are perfectly within your right question your trust for him or her. It isn’t fair for your significant other to engage in an act of sexual (albeit virtual) intimacy without your express permission. If your partner continues to engage in online sex, you need to either visit a relationship therapist or get out of the relationship. The stress of remaining in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect your wishes just isn’t worth it. That being said, it is your responsibility to inform your partner if you disapprove of cybersex. He or she may be unaware that you view the behavior as a form of infidelity.

If your partner is spending excessive amounts of time or money to maintain his or her cybersex habit, an intervention could be in order. Like all things, cybersex can be healthy in moderation but poses a problem when it negatively impacts the other areas of your partner’s life. If you are worried that your partner is developing a sexual addiction, you would be best off discussing the issue and asking your partner to seek help. It is very likely that your partner will deny the problem or try to attack you, but be persistent. Enabling the behavior will only serve to tear apart your relationship.